About Magic Realm: Online

Magic Realm: Online is a online game built for VR exclusively. It combines few game genres with VR experience. At its core it is a Wave shooter game with tower defence and fps elements. Game puts you in a position of one of eight Watchers whose duty is to watch the 8 realms. Every Watcher has unique gameplay ( casting spells from a wand, firing from Steampunk guns, swishing arrows from a Bow, Throwing glaives, etc.) so you can chose a play style you prefer the most. Different enemies are coming in large waves and your duty is to protect the power sources on each of 8 realms. So jump in and...


We are currently in a alpha testing stage. Everyone who is interested can participate in testing. All you gotta do is join our discord channel and get your Alpha steam key. All we want in exchange is for you to have fun playing our game and send us some feedback/bug report from time to time

Currently in Alpha you can only play with the Wizard, casting spells with your magic wand and throwing them on enemies, all that in the Terra stronghold, protecting Terras crystal power source.


Devs Blog

March 1, 2019

Early Access Update 1

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Hey guys, the first early access update is out and the biggest changes here are the wizard aim assist and headshot system. We’ve wanted to make the wizard easier to playas it isn’t really fun to constantly miss. Fireballs now slightly home towards enemies if the fireball would miss the enemy by a small amount. […]

March 1, 2019

Early Access release

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About Game Since the first watcher discovered its powers, Eternium was one thing that gave our watchers strength to overcome everything and everybody that threatened our universe. Now, for the firs time Eternium itself is in great danger. For the fist time watchers secret oath was broker and for the first time ever someone that […]

October 9, 2018

Update 0.3 is finally here!!!

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Hey everyone, long time no see, and to make up for it we have a lot of new updates for you! The goal of this update was enriching the experience with new content and perfecting the main gameplay, there are now endless amounts of waves and we’ve made it so skilled players can really shine, […]

July 9, 2018

Update 0.2 is out!

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Hello all, The overall goal of this update was to make the game more intuitive to play, more balanced and more enjoyable by removing the annoying stuff (objects blocking line of sight to enemies, making spellcasting more forgiving etc.) and emphasizing the fun stuff. We polished all of our core mechanics and added most of […]

May 28, 2018

Closed Alpha is live now

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Hey everyone, I’m Milos and I’m responsible for programming/SFX in our team and I’d like to welcome you to this blog and explain what we’re going to be doing here. This blog has 2 simple goals, first, keeping you guys updated with what we’re working onand our design process and second, allowing you to discuss […]