About us

We are a Indie team conjured in Serbia trying to live the dream, creating games and hoping people will enjoy what we do. Our goal is to give our best to the VR gaming community and to try and have fun doing it of course! We are all very passionate about making games so we decided to help VR become the gaming platform of the future. Stay tuned for updates, and check out our Development blog, we should have a lot of interesting content on there soon!

Our projects

Tennis Arcade VR

Tennis Arcade VR is a fast paced game that combines tennis with other popular games and sports. Test your skills in a beautifully designed experience with advanced physics and arcade scoring system. Show off to your friends and beat them in local multiplayer tournament.

Magic Realm: Online

Magic Realm: Online is wave-based objective defense game featuring unique playable characters and a beautiful large maps that allows strategic positioning. Play on your own or online with up to 4 people that can join anytime during the match and defend the Source Crystal from power-hungry foes.

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